Outdoor meets Indoor at Numbered Gateways

Considerations about a cooperative Gateway Numbering Approach

This paper is a collection of early thoughts to refine last meter navigation based on observations in highly urbanized cities via numbered and published gateways (including entrances and exits). A new organizational and technological infrastructure can solve the distribution requirement from building operator via internal or external editors to the GeoIT providers and finally into the hands of visitors. Because many buildings operators are slow in digitalization, an alternative external capturing and publication process via an association could push the approach in a consistent way forward. This paper fits into the Work-in-Process category and is an invitation to join. Keywords—indoor; orientation; multi building operator; multi GeoIT Provider; organizational infrastructure from local to global;

Download presentation here: 12-presentation-Wherecamp2018-Outdoor meets indoor at the numbered gateways-Wagner

Download paper here: Outdoor meets indoor at the numbered gateways-Wagner-v6 12-paper-Outdoor meets indoor at the numbered gateways-Wagner